Sunday, August 7, 2011

36 weeks and my big girl

Well, Max apparently isn't ready to join us just yet! It's hard to believe that at this point with Chloe I was at home with a newborn! If only I knew when he was going to come...but that would be too easy! I can't begin to think about what I will look like if I make it another 3 and a half weeks! One word comes to mind...HUGE! I already feel that way now! Oh well, as long as he is healthy I don't care! Chloe Grace

She looks way too old! Love her sooooo much!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting Ready for Max

Wow! I can't believe I am already 35 weeks along. Time has flown! The crazy thing is that Chloe was born at 36 weeks. I cannot even begin to think of him being here next week. Doesn't seem possible. At least this time I am somewhat prepared for a baby. The nursery is coming together. I've started washing his clothes. Carseat is cleaned and ready. Cradle ready. I'm going to go ahead and pack my bag beginning of next week. I'm praying he will wait until at least 37 weeks but then he can come whenever he wants! I go to the doctor next Thursday and am anxious to see what she says.

His cradle...borrowed from Aunt JoJo. Camden, Jadyn and Collin all slept in it!
His room! Still not completely finished but getting close!

Most recent belly shot! I'm pretty sure this was 34 weeks!

I am definitely feeling 100% pregnant at this point! It's hot. I can't get comfortable anywhere. Getting up at least 4 times during the night. I enjoy being pregnant but I will be so ready for this baby boy to be in my arms and no longer in my belly!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our First Look...

It's definitely a questions about it!!!

I know it's been forever since I have posted. Our computer was getting worked on for a while so I coulnd't blog.
Things are going great! We found out on April 14th that we are having a BOY!!! So very excited! I'll post those pictures soon! Maxwell James will arrive sometime around September 2nd! I cannot wait! I am sooooooo ready for a baby boy! My last appointment was on April 21 and I had gained 6 pounds in a month. So not cool. My doctor knew I was concerned and she told me to start jogging...I know sounds crazy to start jogging at 5 months pregnant but she told me it was completely safe! Fortunately I have a treadmill so for the last month I have been jogging at least a mile about 5-6 times a week! I feel so much better and it has helped me eat a lot healthier as well! I go back to the doctor tomorrow and am anxious to see if I have gained any this month.

20 weeks
21 Weeks

23 Weeks

24 Weeks

Monday, March 28, 2011

16 and 17 weeks

16 Weeks 17 Weeks
I went to the doctor last Thursday and had a good appointment. I really like my new doctor. Unless there is a delivery or an emergency of some sort I am always in and out of there in like 30 minutes. Very nice! I have been very pleased with my experiences so far.

I'm still always anxious when I go but luckily the heartbeat is the first thing they do once I get to the room. I could lay there and listen to my baby's heartbeat all day...and that's not a joke! The baby's heartrate was 153 bpm. Chloe's was 158 at 17 weeks (yes I still have them all, I wrote everything down). Next appointment, ultrasound!!! As long as the baby cooperates we will find out on April 14! I'm just praying for a healthy baby! We'll be happy either way!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

American Girl

Nana has wanted to take the girls to American Girl for a while now and we finally got to go last weekend! It was sooooo much fun! The girls had a blast.
Waiting out front before we went in.
Are they cute or what!?!
The whole crew
The doll hair salon. This was hilarious. You can let me them style your dolls hair. Jenny thought about having Linde's doll's one but there was a 2 hour wait and it cost $20. I don't spend that to get my hair cut!!!
Linde and Kierstyn
Chloe and Brittany Grace
She was having so much fun! Her smile was priceless!!!
Jadyn and Macy
My baby girl
Nana and the girls
It was so cute because their dolls got to eat with them. They had little seats that attached to that table and held them!
Jody and 2 of her kiddos...Colin and Jadyn...Camden went golfing with the boys!
I think this picture is too cute. It looks like it could be an ad for something!
Nana let them each pick a treat for their dolls! Talk about overwhelming!!! They had soooo much to choose from! Chloe got a blanket and outfit for Brittany. Linde got an outfit for Kierstyn and Jadyn got a bag for her doll and a tea set!
Thank you Nana!!!! We all had a blast!

Best Feeling Ever

I felt the baby this morning FOR SURE! The past week or so I keep thinking I might be feeling it but not 100% sure. This morning I know I felt it. Chloe and I were watching Diego and it kicked me in the same spot 5 times in a row! Such a good feeling!!! I've been waiting to start feeling it just so I can be reassured that my baby is alive and kicking...haha!!!! So ready to go to the doctor again on Thursday so I can hear its heartbeat again!

Chloe has been cracking me up! The things she says! I've tried to be good about writing them down but I know I have missed some. Well, yesterday morning she woke up earlier than I wanted so I made her get in bed with me. We were laying there and she said, "Mommy, your breath stinks. Go take a shower." Then this morning I woke up to her screaming at 8 am, "Mommy, it's playtime. It's playtime, mommy." I love my Chloe Grace!!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

15 Weeks

Comparison Belly Pictures
Here is me now at 15 weeks...
This is me with Chloe at 14 weeks...I couldn't find a 15 week picture
It's crazy how much different your weight gain is from your first child to your second child. With Chloe I don't think I started really wearing maternity clothes until around 18-20 weeks. Second time, I started wearing it before I was 10 weeks. That scares me.

Big Sister Chloe

She is sooooo excited about the new baby! It's been fun because she is old enough to understand what is happening. She knows there is a baby growing in mommy's tummy and it has to stay there until it gets big enough to join us! If she has any say, then this baby will definitely be a girl according to her. She has been set on having a baby sister since the day we found out I was pregnant (even though I know she would be just as thrilled about a baby brother!!!) .We are scheduled to...hopefully...find out the gender on April 14. My new doctor waits until 20 weeks to do the ultrasound. I'm hoping that this time we get a clear picture the first time since with Chloe we thought she was a boy from about 17 weeks until my second ultrasound at 28 weeks.